Oscar 2

Oscar 2 unitThe ambulatory blood pressure monitor we use in this study is called an Oscar 2 unit, manufactured by SunTech Medical Ltd.

You will be asked to wear an ambulatory blood pressure monitor for an eight-hour period over one working day. The ambulatory blood pressure monitor is small and light. It is worn on a small pouch around your waist, with an arm cuff attached to your non-dominant arm. Oscar 2 during reading

At different time-points throughout the day, the blood pressure monitor will inflate. This will usually occur no more than 2-3 times per hour. You should keep your arm still while the arm cuff is inflating, but carry on with your activity as normal.

Oscar 2 walkingThe monitor should not impede on your normal daily activities, with one exception; you can not engage in any activity that would result in the monitor getting wet.

For further information on the Oscar 2 unit, see www.suntechmed.com


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