Saliva Sampling

As part of the Sleep, Health, and Wellness Ambulatory Study you will be OralSwabTubeasked to provide no more than six saliva samples over the working day. The method used to collect saliva is known as the Salimetrics Oral Swab. A small cotton swab is placed by the participant under their tongue for two minutes. Saliva pools at the bottom of the mouth and is soaked by the cotton swab. The cotton swab is then placed in a small plastic tube. Saliva samples are stored at room temperature and can be given to the researcher at the end of the day.

Why Collect Saliva?

Interesting insights can be gained into how our body responds to daily Tubestressors by examining biomarkers of stress and responsivity. In saliva, a number of biomarkers can be examined. For the Sleep, Health, and Wellness Ambulatory Study, we will examine levels of cortisol throughout the working day in healthy individuals. For this purpose, we are interested in collecting  saliva samples at various time-points throughout the working day from our participants.

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