Finometer 2Blood pressure in the laboratory study will be assessed using a Finometer. The Finometer is manufactured by Finapres Medical Soloutions and is a continuous monitor, obtaining measures for a range of cardiovascular variables (including blood pressure and heart rate) for each heart beat.

Finometer attachedThe Finometer is attached to the participant using a small finger cuff. The finger cuff is attached to the middle finger of the non-dominant arm. When the Finometer is operating, the participants feels a light pulsing sensation from the cuff. This is not painful.

When you are participating in the laboratory study, you will be attached toFinometer the Finometer for no longer than 45 minutes. This allows us to measure your heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, cardiac output, total peripheral resistance and a range of other physiological measures on a continuous basis throughout the experiment.

The Finometer has been used in a number of previous studies conducted by both the Principle Investigator and the Postdoctoral Fellow attached to the Sleep, Health, and Wellness Project.

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